N o r t h p a c

N o r t h p a c   was registered in 1989 for the purpose of sales & services related to timber manufacturing, hardware and timber sales. It was part of the ITM cooperative for many years and then migrated to Buildlink. Due to market conditions it decided to close in June 2017. If there are fittings or timber from N o r t h p a c   T i m b e r  you are interested in, hardware, furniture and/or equipment, please get in touch with the key holders. For details on who the directors are, please visit ShephardDunphy.co.nz (search N o r t h p a c) or at companies.govt.nz.

Key holder notes

Access to timber yard: Tenants / directors (not shareholders)
Access to hardware: Tenants / directors 
Northpac.co.nz: Email domain held by Xtra. Can not transfer.
Northpac cellular: Admin = directors partner. Unsucessful transfer.
No access to site to sell product = no confidence we can sell product.
All sales/trademe etc therefore ceased.


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